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Goodgame Empire Strategy Game

Goodgame Empire is the no. 1 browser based multiplayer strategy game of 2012.

The action starts in the Middle Ages where you're the master of your keep. You have to build your castle from the ground up, put your men and women to work and to ultimately create a name for yourself.
Also be aware: this is a multiplayer game meaning you will soon be attacked by enemies. While building your castle, fortify it, train your troops, develop a strategical thinking, be pro-active and attack first whenever you know you will succeed and defend your realm as hard as you can.

Soon, both your enemies and allies will think twice before crossing you and you will see your dominion expand.

Goodgame Empire is a game where having only troops does not make you king since you also need to have a war strategy, a good supply line, well trained troops, good morale amongst your men and a very generous gold deposit since all the war preparations and defenses as well cost money.

Prepare yourself to be tested in the arts of: strategy, war, masonry and leadership with this awesome strategic game.

How to play Goodgame Empire war game:

Goodgame Empire - Attack screenshot Goodgame Empire - The Blue Castle screenshot Goodgame Empire - Defense screenshot Goodgame Empire - Map screenshot Goodgame Empire - Small Castle screenshot